Project-creation of a leisure center and well-being with accommodation

Description Générale Du Projet

Our project is to create a socio-cultural, reception, leisure, well-being and accommodation center in Mbalmayo Cameroon for the promotion of art, education and schooling of children.

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Our objectif

Getting as many people as possible to work, thus enabling them to improve their way of life, to take care of their families and to send children to school, in a win / win partnership.
- Enhance the area with a leisure and well-being center with accommodation.
- Provide school supplies at each start of the school year and if possible in certain cases help pay for the studies of children from vulnerable families and / or orphans.
- Help children by creating a library, equipped and lighted room, training assistance, and workshops for awakening to art in all its forms.
- Help members by offering them insurance and savings solutions.
- Mobilize residents on environmental issues and offer cleaning days and household waste recycling solutions.
- Help other associations, companies and the public by offering several spaces at their disposal.

Projet La ferme de Léo/ADANS

Recherce de partenaires financiers, lafermedeleo, djankawax,

Creation of a performance hall / Bar / Restaurant in Mbalmayo in partnership with ADANS the association of artists of Mbalmayo. (There is no such establishment in the city).
- Offer an evening with a concert once a month.
- Offer dance and themed evenings once a month.
- Large hall rental "There are none in the city"
- 1 Bar and 1 Restaurant / Pizzeria which will serve mostly organic meals 70% of the products will come directly from our cooperative.
- 1 Care and well-being center with "hairdressing, tattooing, manicure, pedicure, sewing, massage and mini grocery store"
- Accommodation: 14 double rooms
- Swimming pool and green spaces
- 1 Small games room / Cyber café, Internet, Printing ...
- Offer residents the ability to place orders online through us with a percentage "Over 95% having no payment solutions"
- Become a postal address for the population "90% of people who do not have an address allowing them to receive mail or parcels"
- Allow associations to meet in a friendly place Small room rental
- Suggest to the consumer to become a contributor- Offer awakening to art, reading and homework help workshops for children Library and Games library

- Our partner association ADANS (associations of artists from Nyong & So’o)
- Raw materials produced by our farm
- Offer services and products that differ from the competition, are innovative and united

Not having enough money to be able to complete this project.
- For this we need to find financial partners who can help us achieve our objectives with a win / win partnership.

Mbalmayo is a city of more than 61,000 inhabitants located 41 km south of Yaoundé the capital, and is a city crossed to go to the southern region, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea and Congo. The inhabitants of the city and the surrounding villages in particular, people passing through and the region in general.

The bars and restaurants of the town of Mbalmayo in place and already having their customers.

support us

to support us in this project, you can make a donation via our Paypal page, share and/or invest from 500€, contact us, thank you,



Boutique solidaire, Djankawax,


Vente de tissus pagne wax Cameroun, Afrique,


Customisation de tissus pagne wax africain du Cameroun par Djaka Wax et la ferme de Léo