La ferme de Léo, projet de pisciculture
Creation of 5 ponds for fish farming 
“All the ponds will be groundwater ponds, meaning the water we will use comes from inside the ground". 
It is an activity that is economically profitable. We will breed clarias (Catfish), Kanga and Tilapia. But we put a lot more on catfish, the other species are just complementary. Generally, you can have good harvests after 8 months. We are looking for a partner/investor for this project which requires the sum of 5000€ to be realized.
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun,Nkoumadzap,ADANS,
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun,Nkoumadzap,
La ferme de Léo-LFDL-Cameroun 2019,bénévoles,